May 3, 2012

More Graffiti Faces...

Return of Cartoon Face
For some reason they never seem to be happy. That is the graffiti faces. There's no shortage of graffiti art in the city, and I've been spotting quite a few faces spray painted about town. Recently, I happened to notice this graffiti face that no doubt is from the same artist as here. There are two faces on the same wall, and these really stand out because of the yellow paint. From what I've noticed you don't see too much yellow in graffiti around town. Maybe it's not cool to use yellow?

Looking Around the Corner

Yellow Graffiti Face Number Two

Angry Dude
Next is a face not too far from the Globe Trading Company building that I saw when I was out shooting photos of the Globe. There's an angry look to this character, and according to his hat he needs help.

Graffiti Face Near Globe Building Detroit
Nice Hat

Cartoon Style
And if you find yourself checking out the awesome mural on Iron Street, then you will no doubt meet up with yet another graffiti face seen below.

Frantic Look

Uh, Oh
Then there's this graffiti face that fills in for the letter "o" in the word dork.  I have no idea why "dork" is spray painted on the side of a building, but with most graffiti I just take it as it is. I will say though, this graffiti face is not looking too happy. But then again, why would he, being the "o" in dork and all.

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